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Interesting things seen from a boat, or at a club-related activity.



A regular group of paddlers celebrates the approach of the weekend with leisurely Thursday evening paddles on lakes and flat water rivers, surrounded both by basalt cliffs southwest of Spokane and forested shores in North Idaho. Sometimes we stop for dinner afterwards.


We see lots of wildlife on shore, in the water and in the air.  


And those strange watery circles? Well, if you don't recognize them, come paddle with us when we launch on the Spokane River near the Little Spokane inflow. 


~Hulda Bridgeman




There is no better way to explore our unique world than to paddle its rivers, lakes and oceans! There is nothing that can provoke the traveler's awe more than paddling through ice-studded fjords in Alaska, the Arctic and Antarctica, or seeing the epic landscapes in places like Greenland and Kamchatka from a kayak, or floating next to seals, sea otters, whales, sea lions, even penguins. 


Bill and I have been fortunate to paddle in some pretty exotic places! I'm hoping this slide show will inspire others to get out there too, pick an adventure and see the world from a boat!


~Debbie Pierce


Whitewater kayaking is living in the moment. It is as much mental as physical. Learning and working with rapids, holes and eddies takes time. A river changes its character when the flow levels change. Rapids, holes and eddies change, so every flow level is a new river.


The Club offers Wednesday night paddles on the upper Spokane River, which is perfect for new boaters. SCKC also offers roll practice during the month of March, free of charge to members. It's a great way to get ready for the Spring run-offs.


Finally, you will meet many like-minded paddlers who meet your skill level, and others willing to help you get to the level you want.


~Celene Olgeirsson

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